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The Harley Owners Group (HOG) is a sponsored community marketing club, operated by Harley-Davidson for enthusiasts of that brand's motorcycles. The HOG is "the grandaddy of all community-building efforts," serving to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle. The HOG has also served to open new revenue streams for the company, with the production of tie-in merchandise offered to club members, numbering over one million strong, making it the largest factory-sponsored riding club in the world. The Harley-Davidson community was the prototype for the ethnographic term subculture of consumption, defined as "a distinctive subgroup of society that self-selects on the basis of a shared commitment to a particular product class, brand, or consumption activity."

The Harley Owners Group was created in 1983 as a way to build longer-lasting and stronger relationships with Harley-Davidson's customers, by making ties between the company, its employees, and consumers. HOG members typically spend 30% more than other Harley owners, on such items as clothing and Harley-Davidson-sponsored events. Much of the intent of this branding effort is presenting Harley-Davidson as an American icon, with the focus on authenticity and pride in being American-made. All of this is credited with turning flagging sales around, and allowing the Harley-Davidson company to grow again.

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Membership officer

Hello, Let me introduce myself, my name is Paulette Snyder, I am the current Membership Officer for Waco HOG.

My husband and I have been National HOG members since 1995 and are now Life Members, throughout the years

I have served in many Officer Positions with HOG in the SO CA region of CA. My most rewarding and fun position

was being Treasurer for 7 different SO CA & CA State HOG Rallies!

We moved to Waco Texas17 months ago and have enjoyed making new friends and exploring the beautiful Texas

scenery. I volunteered for the position of Membership Officer so I could encourage people to belong to Waco HOG

also encouraging them to ride, ride, ride!  So the next time you join us on a ride or even our short meeting, come on

over and say hi! Stay safe out there and keep the shiny side up! Be Blessed y’all!

Safety Officer


Take Time to Check Out Your Bike

Most of us have been to a Bike Show and enjoy checking out all things people do to their Harleys in order to personalize them. New riders tend to look for the bling, while more experienced rider look for the subtle changes the rider has made to make their ride more comfortable and their bike more practical. For me this never gets old, but we should never forget about checking out our own bikes before every ride.

To make sure our ride will be safe as safe as we can possibly make it, you should do a quick walk around our bikes to check the essentials. This can be accomplished quickly, especially if you’re the type of person who lets their bike warm up before heading down the road. 

  • Check to confirm that your horn, headlight, tail lights and turn signals are all working properly.
  • Check you brakes, by squeezing the break lever or stepping on the rear brake pedal to make sure your brakes are functioning properly. (You don’t have to check the brake fluid level each time, but check it periodically.)
  • Check to see if your bike is leaking any fluid. If it is, you need to address the issue promptly to avoid having the leaking fluid getting on your tires and effecting your ability to properly control your bike.
  • Take a look at your tires. Check to see if they are properly inflated and that the tread isn’t showing signs of significant wear. Yeah, tires are expensive, but if you lose control of your bike, the additional cost of bike repairs and medical bills can eat up what’s in your wallet, faster than the cost of that new tire.  

Lastly check your riding gear to make sure it’s in decent condition and that the face shield on your helmet is clean. 

Ride and have fun, but remember to do it safely.

Membership and event release forms

Copy of Chapter_Membership_Enrollment_Form_and_Release-EDITABLE (pdf)


Chapter_Event_Release_Form_for_Adults-EDITABLE (pdf)


Ride 365




Go to www.members.hog.com to access your RIDE 365 mileage.


Whether it’s an afternoon get-a-way or a transcontinental journey of a lifetime, every ride you take brings us closer together. Keep track of your lifetime mileage, because the miles count. If you aren’t enrolled in the Lifetime mileage program, see your dealer to enroll. 


Each new riding season brings excitement to get back on the road. HOG rewards you each year to get out, ride and renew your passion for the open road. Enroll in yearly riding program events, contests and more. See your dealer to make sure you are properly enrolled in the yearly program. 


No matter where you are in the world, every chapter has a distinct feel and flavor that reflects its riders. What we all have in common is a passion for riding. Chapter events and activities focus on hitting the road together. From casual rides to longer weekend or cross country rides, you’ll find something to fit your adventure. 

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Rallies around the great state of texas



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Personal privacy and security of information are mutual concerns of H.O.G., its members and visitors to the Waco Hog Chapter Web site. This statement explains H.O.G.’s Internet policies and security measures relating to personal privacy and information security. Waco Hog Chapter collects and stores the following information about you when you visit the Waco Hog Chapter Web site: the name of the domain from which you access the Internet (for example, aol.com, if you are connecting from an America Online account); the date and time you access the Web site; and the Internet address of the Web site from which you linked directly to our Web site. The Chapter uses this information to measure the number of visitors to the different sections of its site. This helps H.O.G. to make its Web site more responsive to its members and prospective members.

H.O.G. will not obtain personally identifying information about you when you visit our site unless you choose to provide such information. If you choose to send e-mail, registration or other personal information over the Internet, you do so voluntarily.


The Waco Hog Chapter will not disclose personal information provided to it except as follows:At your request, which may be oral, in writing, by telephone, electronic or other means we recognize;To assist H.O.G. in evaluating its programs and to continue to improve the quality of your online and membership experience;When disclosure is required by law, such as pursuant to court order, subpoena, legal process or government agency examination or investigation, or to protect or enforce our rights;To Harley-Davidson affiliated companies and carefully selected third parties for their own use to provide products and services or other opportunities to you, unless you have instructed us in writing not to do so;To Harley-Davidson affiliated companies and carefully selected third parties for their own use to provide products and services or other opportunities to you, unless you have instructed us in writing not to do so;and in connection with Harley-Davidson corporate due diligence and audits.


By your use of and connection to our Web site, you understand and consent to this privacy statement. If for any reason you are concerned that the personal or member information maintained by H.O.G. is not correct, or if for some reason you believe H.O.G. has not adhered to these privacy principles, please notify us by calling  1-800-CLUB-HOG

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